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The Next Step in Floor Graphics

Proven as a highly effective way to influence consumer behaviour, the floors of retail, commercial and public spaces are now receiving a lot more attention from marketers and designers. This formerly under-utilised canvas is going mainstream, mainly because of the pandemic customers are now engaging with what is beneath their feet more than ever.

Of course with members of the public in direct contact with floor graphics, it is vital to ensure you have the correct certification, guarantees and even insurance, to ensure the safest and most professional solutions for everyone involved.

2co only use fully certified materials from DRYTAC. Contact 2co on 01925 654072 / 01606 333010 or for a splash of advertising on your floor!

  • YOU'RE FULLY CERTIFIED WITH DRYTAC Drytac floor graphic solutions have Pendulum Test slip resistance certification. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and many insurance companies have adopted this British Standard BS 7976-2/European Standard EN 13036-4 test as a standard method for assessing slip resistance.

  • YOU'RE FULLY GUARANTEED WITH DRYTAC We offer the correct ratings and insurance-backed warranties to make life easier for our customers, providing peace of mind that every Drytac floor decal is guaranteed with full legal and financial protection.

  • YOU'RE FULLY INSURED WITH DRYTAC We back our floor graphic solutions with product/public liability of £10 million, covering against failures which could cause potential loss or personal injury.


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