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Seasonal print can hit the spot!

Major brands and retailers continue to use print to drive sales both online, for those who currently cannot open due to Covid restrictions, and in-store for the lucky few who can still open their doors to the public.

Major supermarkets and big-name brands consistently roll out seasonal literature in the form of Catalogues, mailings, door drops and inserts in magazines and newspapers in the aim to reach consumers in their homes whilst we are all still in lockdown. Print remains an important feature of marketing campaigns, we don't all have the funds to produce and air TV adverts!

With spring hopefully coming our way soon, fingers crossed, DIY fever - spring decorating and renovating, Easter Treats, Gardening and Summer Holidays will all start to creep into our lives. Although consumers are now finding it easier to buy online, they are still browsing and getting ideas from catalogues, magazines, and leaflets. In this rapidly changing year, printed material offers a bit of normality and traditional consumer behaviours will soon be back...

We all want to get out and about, so hitting the shops will be a welcome outing for us all - retailers are trying to encourage footfall back into their stores once restrictions are lifted using print, printed promotional plans haven't changed for the big retailers and supermarkets, so maybe you should give it a try!

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