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iDeli Packaging
C-Card Condom Pack

Printing is used in production every day, at 2co we have years of experience in all aspects of product production and the various print required in the packaging of products for sale.

Medical Fold Instruction Leaflets
Bespoke Labels
Warrington Borough Council Z Card


Labels, packaging and instruction leaflets are the mainstay for our production team. Labels can be cad cut to any shape for application onto anything, from hand made items like the Teddys range of male grooming products pictured left in the video, right up to large production bottling labels for everyday products like Milk and specialist labels for medical air filters. Play the video of our large format Mimaki machine cad cutting a short run of Teddys labels.

Packaging can be designed and forme cut to suit any application. We offer a bespoke packaging engineering service which explores the most economical way to display and protect your product.

Instruction leaflets are printed on lightweight cost saving paper and folded down using high speed machinery to small sizes for inclusion within product packaging.

If you need advice on long production runs or you are looking for short run packaging design and print for product photoshoots, contact 2co.


Call 01925 654072 - free advice.  

Over 30 years combined knowledge.

Printing can cost less than you think!

The brief:

To create high end food packaging for a variety of delicatessen products with environmental impact as a consideration when specifying the materials to be used. 

The result:

Eye-catching packaging which conveys quality and makes the product look appetising. Recycled board is used in the design which also minimises the amount of packaging that isn't recyclable.

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