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The Covid effect!

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

The latest findings: Mailing houses have reported record-breaking double digit increases in the effectiveness of direct mail and door drops during the Covid crisis.

According to the Joint Industry Committee for Mail, during Q2 the average piece of direct mail was interacted with 4.58 times, an 11% increase year-on-year and a record high since tracking mail activity began in Q2 2017.

Door drops also reached record levels of consumer engagement, with the average item interacted with 3.19 times, which represents 15% growth year-on-year.

The various channels all recorded significant increases in the amount of time they live in the home with all effectively extending their life-span by a day year-on-year: Direct Mail 8.5 days; Door Drops 6.9 days and Business Mail 9.6 days.

Much digital acceleration has been banded about during this period but with a nation spending more time at home the latest data informs us that all mail channels benefited in terms of reach, frequency and longevity in our homes.

This backs up the compelling results we are seeing from client campaigns that are live at the moment indicating that there is no better time to be planning a mail or door drop campaign.

Whilst our clients are always reviewing their marketing plans, this information clearly shows that Direct Mail and Door Drops are reaching market audiences more than ever!

Information gathered from Print Week Magazine

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